Worried About The Performance Of Your PC?

Are you worried about the performance of your personal computer? It used to run at blazing speed just a couple of months ago, when you purchased it. However, nowadays is takes ages to boot up. You have to wait for a long time for programs to launch. You are sure that this problem is not due to viruses or malware as you have installed the best available antivirus and antimalware programs available.

However, have you ever thought about checking the condition of your hard disk drive? When you had first purchased the computer, its HDD contained only the operating system along with the antivirus. However, within a couple of weeks you started downloading free games and demo versions of other programs and installed them on your computer. You also used to download movies too. You would uninstall unnecessary programs and delete viewed movies. However, did you ever take any action to clean the sectors of the HDD?


How A HDD Becomes Corrupted

Each time you write something on the hard disk drive (it includes installing a program or storing a movie or any other file), the operating system of your PC writes them in sequential clusters of the HDD. It also adds an entry to the table of contents of the HDD that allows it to find the particular file or folder the next time you want to access it. Problems start occurring when you delete the files or uninstall them. In such a scenario, the sectors (locations of the HDD) become empty. The next time you write something on the HDD, it places bits of that file on the first available empty space, and places the remaining parts on other sections. This increases the `seek’ time of the reading head of the HDD as it has to visit several different sectors to retrieve a file. This ends up in slowing down of the overall performance of the computer.



You can improve the performance of your PC by defragging its HDD on a regular basis. However, this program, included with the operating system, takes a long time to complete the action and is not 100% fail proof. It also does not clean the registry. This means that the registry gets bloated due to unnecessary entries of non existent programs or files. You can easily boost the performance of your computer with Advanced System Care by iOBIT. By the way, this same company also offers an awesome program for your Android based smartphone… the AMC Security. This application protects your smartphone against malware. It also offers complete protection while you are conducting an online payment, as it can recognize fake WiFi hotspots and prevent you from making transactions over such connections.


Protects Your PC Too

The AMC security pro for pc provides total security to your PC and does so in real time. It also monitors the CPU, RAM, and HDD conditions and fine tunes them to boost the speed of your PC. Download AMC security pro for PC from the website of Advanced Systemcare today. If you still have any doubts, read the AMC Security pro review written by security professionals.

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